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Five SPDR ETFs to track Solactive´s Indices

Solactive announces that State Street Global Advisors is starting to use Solactive indices as underlying for five members of the SPDR ETF family……

Steffen Scheuble, CEO at Solactive AG

The indices tracked are part of our newly launched Global Benchmark Series.

Each index covers the top 85% of the corresponding equity market in terms of free float market capitalization.

The consideration of strict liquidity criteria ensures the tradability of the assets linked to each benchmark index.

The indices are rebalanced on a semi-annual basis in May and November with additional IPO reviews in February and August.

Buffer rules are applied to prevent undesired high index turnover. The indices are weighted by free-float market capitalization and are calculated in US-Dollar.

The following five ETFs of the SPDR family are tracking Solactive Benchmark Indices going forward:

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Steffen Scheuble, CEO at Solactive AG, commented: “ I am very pleased to start working with State S treet Global Advisors as one of the top three leading asset managers globally. The switch demonstrates a great deal of trust in our services and the quality of the team´s hard work which makes me very proud.”

Solactive is determined to continue offering high-quality indices with a very flexible, client-centric approach.

The switch of State Street’s Funds to Solactive´s Global Benchmark Series marks a major milestone on this journey.


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