Thomson Reuters Lipper: Review of European ETF Market for April 2017

Net inflows, in combination with positive market impacts, led to increased assets under management in the European ETF industry (€570.6 bn) for April, up from €565.1 bn at the end of March…..

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By Detlef Glow, Head of EMEA research at Thomson Reuters Lipper

·         Equity ETFs (+€2.3 bn) posted for April their seventh consecutive month of having the highest net inflows in the European ETF industry.

·         The best selling Lipper global classification for March was Equity Eurozone (+€1.6 bn), followed by Bond USD Corporates (+€1.0 bn) and Equity Emerging Markets Global (+€0.8 bn).

·         Amundi ETF, with net sales of €1.6 bn, was the best selling ETF promoter in Europe for April, followed by UBS ETF (+€1.1 bn) and Lyxor ETF (+€0.8 bn).

·         The ten best selling funds gathered total net inflows of €3.7 bn for April.

·         The best selling ETF for April, iShares EURO STOXX 50 (DE), accounted for net inflows of €0.7 bn or 17.1% of the overall net inflows.



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